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Deck Stain Colors: The Choice For You

Deck Stain Colors: The Choice For You

We know just how good a nice-looking deck can make your house look. However, maintaining your deck is a practice that should be made regular, and that includes staining your deck every 2-3 years. Environmental factors like rain and humidity can make that beautiful deck color fade over time. When that time comes, choosing the right color to compliment your house is important. 

Deck painting will not only give your deck a brand new look, but it will increase its longevity, which is something that all homeowners look for when they add or repair a feature in their house. 

So if you’re building a new deck and dipping your toes in stain colors or you’re looking for new deck stain color ideas for your old deck, this guide is the one for you. 

Tips for choosing a deck color

Not all colors will be suitable to match your home style. When picking a color to stain your deck with, it’s essential to take some things into account before making your trip to the hardware store to buy a bucket of paint or asking your contractor to do it for you. 

  1. Make sure you match your exterior and your interiors. The color of your deck shouldn’t clash with the outside of your house, but it shouldn’t clash with any inside wooden furniture either. 
  2. Examine your deck material. Different types of paint are better for different types of wood. Make sure you know your deck’s material before deciding on your color.
  3. Compliment your yard and outdoor furniture. Make sure your deck looks homogenous with your garden or front lawn. Decks should outshine but shouldn’t look incongruent with your outdoor space and anything else you plan to add to your deck decoration.
  4. Try the color first, and pick a small, concealed part of your deck where you can try a dab of paint and decide whether or not you like it. The most important part of picking a deck color is ensuring you like it. 
  5. Pick a shade you know you won’t regret. Maybe you’re excited about staining your deck blue, but maybe in six months or a year, you’ll regret having to see it every morning. Make sure you’re choosing a stain that will keep a long-lasting smile on your face. 

Types of deck colors

You can stain your deck in any color you’d like. Here at Billy Deck & Patios, we don’t judge. Still, some colors are most popular with deck owners and guarantee a fresh and authentic look for your deck.


Brown tones

Chocolate brown, dark brown, cedar brown, oxford brown – it doesn’t matter what tone you want to use. Browns are notorious for bringing warmth and a classic look to your outdoor space. You can never go wrong with traditional brown colors for your deck; just make sure you follow our tips above before making your purchase. Not all brown tones match all outdoor spaces. 


Honey tones

Honey-tone deck stains are more yellow or gold, but they bring out the natural tone of your deck. Honey tones are also one of the classics and will make your deck look inviting and cozy for your family and friends.



A redwood tone might be the right choice for you if you want something bolder but not over the top. Though the name itself says it all, this stain color brings a reddish tint to your deck, giving it an elegant and authentic look.



If you’re a fan of neutral colors, white tones might be what you’re looking for, especially if you have a white home exterior. Whites are beautiful and give leeway to be spruced up with all types of colored furniture, and if you’re a minimalist, perhaps a white deck is the right choice for you. 


Gray tones

Using gray tones for decks has become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially in coastline homes. Gray is also a great color to pair with other contrasting ones, making decorating your deck more versatile. 


Black tones

If you want to make a statement, a black deck is the way to go. It’s bold and highly contrasting. However, if you plan on choosing a black deck, you have to make sure you are picking the right furniture to compliment it. 


Modern tones

Coloring your deck in blues, greens, reds, pinks, and other adventurous tones have also become a widespread practice. It will definitely give your home a bright pop of color, but as we said, with your black tones, make sure it compliments your house and outdoor furniture, or it might be one of those deck colors you regret six months from now. 

It’s important to remember that when you’re on the market to stain a new deck, you should pick a color that you know you’ll be happy with. It should compliment your home beautifully and make you feel harmonious with your environment. Deck staining is part of deck maintenance and ensures that your deck will be long-lasting. 

Take our tips into consideration but don’t be afraid to pick a color for your deck that you like. That is, after all, the most essential part of the deck staining process.

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