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What Is Deck Refinishing, and Is It Worth It?

In addition to looking fantastic and extending the life of the wood, a professionally refinished wood deck could also help increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to future purchasers. Some of the many procedures that could go into refinishing a wood deck are checking for damage, fixing any problems, cleaning, sanding, and staining and sealing.

Not every project requiring refinishing will follow every step. For instance, not all deck surfaces require sanding, and some decks only require sealing without being stained. However, in most situations, the stain serves as both the sealer and the coloring agent for the wood, and it also offers extra protection from sun exposure.

In any event, a professional deck refinishing job can be completed in one or two weekends and will turn an uninspiring, worn-out wood deck into a lively, attractive entertainment space that is ready for a gathering. In this article, Billy Deck & Patios LLC will go over what deck finishing is.

What is Refinishing?

While refinishing literally means applying a new finish, when it comes to decking, it is way more detailed than that. Your worn-out deck can be given new life and shine by having the current surfaces stripped, cleaned, and treated. 

Your deck is first cleaned, either by pressure washing, scrubbing, or stripping. Smaller decks can be cleaned most effectively by scrubbing; medium-sized to large decks can be cleaned most effectively by pressure washing; and spots on your deck, such as the rails and unused sections, can be treated with stripping. 

After the deck has been cleaned, it might need to be sanded to make the surface smooth and prevent splinters. A stain is used about 48 hours after washing. It’s crucial to pick the appropriate stain and go over your alternatives with a deck resurfacing expert.



Mon – Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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