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Are you in the market for a new deck? Is your deck in need of some serious repair? Billy Deck & Patios LLC is the decking company you’ve been looking for. Our custom deck repair, installation, and maintenance services cater to our client’s specific needs. We offer various decking solutions to find the perfect outdoor space for your home.


Services We Offer

Our team of experts will provide you with affordable deck solutions without compromising quality. Billy Deck & Patios LLC uses the best tools and products in the market to deliver the highest quality deck repair and restoration, deck building, and maintenance in Hamilton, Virginia, and surrounding areas. We are a premium deck repair company dedicated to our customer base. 

Check out our full list of services here.

Our Deck Installation & Replacement Services

Sometimes building a new deck is necessary. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space from scratch, your old one is damaged beyond repair, or you’re ready for an upgrade, we can help. We will handle everything, from choosing suitable materials to overseeing the demolition and disposal of your old deck.


Wood Decks


Composite Decks

The first step in the installation process is an on-site meeting to establish the scope of the work. After that, we will create a custom design for you and provide a fair quote. At Billy Deck & Patios LLC, we pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring our installation process is as flawless as possible to avoid future problems that might arise from a botched deck installation process.


Deck Repair Services

The finer wood you use on your deck, the longer it will last. However, your deck will still need repairs every once in a while. Our team of professionals specializes in deck repair and restoration, ensuring that your wooden or composite deck is restored to its former glory. Common issues with decks are:

  • Cracked and split boards
  • Discoloration and fading
  • Warped board decks
  • Unstable railings and stairs

Whether a minor repair or a major overhaul, we’ve got you covered. Our custom deck repair services include the following:

Deck Boards

Over time, your deck boards can become worn, damaged, and wrapped due to constant exposure to the elements. The changing weather and continuous use significantly impact the longevity of your deck boards. Our team of decking replacement experts will identify the problem with your deck and bring you a long-lasting solution with high-quality materials that match the color, texture, and style of your existing deck.

Deck Railings

Railings are essential pieces of a deck structure. They provide a safety ledger against falls and slips and add a brighter appeal to your deck’s aesthetic. When the railing is loose or damaged, it can severely compromise your deck structure. Thankfully, Billy Deck & Patios LLC will replace your big or small railing, ensuring that your deck meets local safety standards.

Deck Stairs

Deck stairs can become worn, damaged, or unstable due to weather exposure and regular use. This can pose a risk of falls and injuries, particularly for children and the elderly. We offer a variety of stair materials, including wood and composite. We will work to complete the project on time and within your budget.


Deck Refinishing & Maintenance

Maintaining your deck is crucial to ensure its longevity. Though a wooden deck is usually crafted from durable materials that will resist weather changes and use, it’s recommended by decking professionals that your deck gets routine maintenance at least once a year. At Billy Deck & Patios LLC, we’ll handle all your deck maintenance needs.

Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to give your deck a fresh look. We’ll remove all stains and sealants, sand the surface, and apply a new stain or sealant that protects against UV rays, water damage, and other elements. Our deck maintenance and refinishing include:


Pressure Washing





We Are a Premium Decking Company

At Billy Deck & Patios LLC, we understand that your deck is vital to your home. We are dedicated to providing top-quality deck repair and installation services that you can rely on. We’re passionate about creating beautiful, functional decks you can enjoy for years.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our team is made up of experienced professionals in deck repair and installation.
  • We use only high-quality materials in our deck repair and installation projects.
  • We take pride in our attention to detail and understand that the small things can make a big difference.
  • We provide excellent customer service from start to finish.
  • We offer competitive pricing for all of our deck repair and installation services.



Mon – Sat: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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