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Deck Design Ideas

Deck Design Ideas: Fill Your Outdoor Space

Building a deck can make your patio look elegant and give you a functional space to work with if you have ample outdoor space. Whether it’s family barbecues or basking in the sun after a long day at the job, decks are multifunctional and look beautiful in outdoor areas. However, sometimes we don’t know the kind of deck that is not only right in our living space but also right for us and our style. 

Deck designers, usually architects, are ready to design your dream outdoor deck if you want to hire professional help; they know how to make use of your space in the most efficient and creative way possible. Some contractors are also willing to do the design for you. Some home improvement companies also have deck design programs that you can personally use to decide on what you want beforehand. 

Remember, Billy Deck & Patios LLC doesn’t design decks, but we will do all the heavy lifting and carpentry work required to do it. This deck design idea guide is the tool you’re looking to finally settle on the type of structure you want in your outdoor space. 

Safety First

Before you go forward with building your dream deck, you have to make sure you have a design that is safe, not only for you but for your family members. Decks should be up to code and follow basic building safety regulations. This ensures accident prevention and a safe home environment. 

No tripping hazards should be present on the deck, especially in households with children or the elderly. It is strongly recommended that decks have handrails and guardrails to ensure a steady surface to hold onto in case an accident occurs (like accidentally slipping during those pesky, rainy months). 

There should be no fire hazards that will catch your deck on fire. The last thing you want is to call the fire department and have to start over with your brand new deck. 



How to choose a design

The first thing you should ask yourself before going forward with your deck design is what the purpose of your deck is. Why do you want a deck in your living space? 

Are you planning on throwing parties with lots of people, relaxing with your family during the weekends, installing an outdoor kitchen, or having a nice outdoor eating area? Whatever the purpose of your deck will be, you should keep this aspect in mind before you go forward with your decision-making. 

Aside from knowing your deck’s purpose, you must also know the best location in your house for it. We recommend the most spacious outdoor area of your home, where you will have plenty of room to enjoy it, but ultimately, the location is up to you. 

You should also be budget-conscious. Depending on the type of deck you want to build, some might be more costly than others. Make sure you have the right kind of budget for the right type of deck you want. More expensive materials and bigger space will be heavier on your wallet. 

Design Ideas

All the factors mentioned above will affect your final design. Different decks require different materials, more space, or more safety precautions. Here are some types of decks that will serve you as a guide to deciding how to use that free outdoor space in your home:


Attached Deck

This is the most basic type of deck design. They are flat decks, typically built at ground level. This is an excellent choice if you’re a fan of something simple, but you can spruce it up by attaching some elegant-looking pergolas. 


Detached Deck

This deck is separated from your home area, usually at a distance from your back door, accessible through stairs or a matching path. They can be floating in the middle of your backyard as standalone plank structures or be something more complex, like a gazebo.


Rooftop Deck

These types of decks are ideal for homes with flat roofs. It’s a great walk-around area that won’t damage your roof structure and a fun and creative space for spending time with your friends and family.


Wrap-Around Deck

A wrap-around deck is an old-fashioned structure that enfolds the perimeter of your house. These decks tend to be elevated and provide an almost 360-degree view of your home. They’re very typical in colonial houses. 


Multi-Tier Deck

These decks have two or more stories. They’re great for massive properties or houses with uneven outdoor spaces. They can be designed to fit around your existing landscaping, saving you the hassle of having to tear down trees and other structures beforehand. 

However, the type of deck isn’t the only thing to consider. Deck planks also come in patterns and can be constructed to fit your needs. Planks can be geometric, alternating, h-jointed, staggered, or transitional. You can also decide on the type of edge you think will look best, whether it’s flushed and in line with the base of your deck, boxed in, or as an overhang. 

Picking a deck design can be an arduous task. From the type of deck best suited for your living space to the design pattern and the safety precautions you must follow, it can seem exhausting and time-consuming; however, the right deck designer will make it seem like a smooth and seamless process. 

So once you have that beautiful deck design ready, contact Billy Deck & Patios LLC. We will ensure you have that deck you’ve been dreaming of built in your home in no time. 

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