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Is Winter a Good Time to Build a Deck?

Contrary to what you might think, winter is a great time to start your deck-building project. You don’t have to wait until spring to begin sprucing up your outdoor space; there is no better time to build a deck than the present. Your winter deck ideas don’t have to be put on hold when the sunnier months approach. Starting your build during the colder months is more advantageous and cost-saving than delaying your project.

Regardless of your deck design ideas, take advantage of the winter season and finally start that deck-building plan you’ve been looking forward to. Billy Deck & Patios LLC will tell you all about building a deck during winter and how to take advantage of the season to start on one of your biggest outdoor projects.


Winter Building Advantages

It’s normal to believe that decks can’t be built during winter. Most outdoor projects, especially the ones involving your yard, are best done when spring and summer roll around, but deck building is different. The cooler temperatures make an excellent opportunity to finish your deck more efficiently than during springtime in ways you might not expect. So what are the advantages of building a deck during winter? They’re easy to remember.

Less Waiting Times

One overlooked advantage of outdoor projects requiring patio and deck-building professionals is that your local contractor might be less busy during winter. People already have other expenses and are less likely to book contracting jobs of deck-finishing caliber. You can take full advantage of more liberated schedules that will accelerate your building process.

Your Deck Will be Spring Ready

What better time to enjoy your deck than when the snow finally melted away, and flowers bloom again? Once you’ve finished your deck project in the winter, you can kick off a new year and a new season with a new, finished wooden deck that will increase the value of your home and spruce up your living space. You won’t want to stay away from your yard with something as incredible as a deck adorning the room.

Less Damage to Your Landscaping

Winter comes with doormat landscaping. Your flowers have stopped growing, there’s more snow than grass, and the temperatures are generally less unpredictable. The harder, nearly frozen ground from the colder temperatures makes for a more accessible base to work on than warmer or wet ground. A stable ground base to build a deck means that your contractors are less likely to accidentally damage your landscaping while working and walking around, saving you money in the long run.

Easier and Quicker Installation

Focusing on your deck is much easier when your contractors aren’t oscillating from project to project. The temperature also makes the general building process much more manageable. It guarantees that your local deck builders can take their time and deliver a thorough job otherwise. Building your deck in the winter also facilitates working around your schedule and not worrying about you using your outdoor space while they’re hard at work.

Lack of Humidity Cures Wood More Evenly

Pressure-treated wood is notorious for being damaged by high temperatures. The warmer, sometimes also extreme, spring and summer temperatures can cause wood planks to warp, making it harder to align them properly. This type of wood is embedded with humidity, so it can dry more evenly during winter. Without direct and overwhelming exposure to the sun, you won’t have to worry about splinters, cracks, and damage during the curation process.

Materials are Cheaper

Because winter is not a highly demanded work season for all deck builders, their distributors are more likely to give contractors a discount. You can fully take advantage of cheaper materials and even a deal from your builders themselves!

Make Sure to Hire Professionals!

Deck building, especially during colder months, is not always safe. Hiring seasoned professionals and deck-building services will handle all the heavy lifting. It’s the best way to guarantee a successful job and a deck that will last you a lifetime. You can never be too safe.


Build Your Dream Deck Today!

If you want to build a deck this winter season, don’t hesitate to contact Billy Deck & Patios LLC. We are the deck-building leaders in Hamilton, VA. Call us at (703) 728-8544 or email, and we’ll happily get in touch to assist you with your deck and patio installation project.



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