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 Best Outdoor Deck Heaters For Winter

Patio heaters sales have skyrocketed over the past three years. With social outings restrained during lockdown, people turned to their own homes to get some much-needed time enjoying the outside. Consequently, as people engaged more with their backyard space, patio heaters started selling like hotcakes.

You don’t have to be in the middle of a lockdown to enjoy the wonders of outdoor deck heaters. They are versatile space heating options that are great for the coldest days of the month when you still want to enjoy the outdoors but don’t want to face freezing temperatures. These pieces of outdoor comfort are great for some time with your friends and family or cozy products for sitting back with a good book or enjoying a cup of warm tea or coffee during cold mornings.

Billy Deck & Patios LLC has developed this guide to help you choose the suitable outdoor deck heaters for your patio space to make the selection process easier. What better way to make your outside space warm and inviting than investing in heating options that can adapt to your budget?


What Are Deck Heaters and How do They Work?

Outdoor heaters, patio heaters, or deck heaters are heating appliances that generate thermal radiation and are catered explicitly for outdoor use. These outdoor appliances radiate heat from their screen and use a top burner to reflect warmth that would otherwise be lost when air circulates upwards. They usually have hoods that reflect non-harmful infrared radiation back and provide constantly circulating heat in outdoor spaces.

Types of Heaters

  • Natural Gas Deck Heaters: If you want to heat your outdoor space in the winter, you can use natural gas-fired heating systems. Natural gas heaters require a gas line, so if you don’t have one already installed in your outdoor space, you need to hire a professional to do the job. However, once installed, they are reliable and instant heat sources for any time of the year.
  • Propane Deck Heater: Propane gas patio heaters warm a room using propane fuel. Propane is a synthetic gas that can be obtained in a small or big tank, and unlike a gas deck heater, it does not emit CO2 or greenhouse gasses. Unlike electric heaters, propane heaters need to be constantly refilled, but if you only use outdoor heaters a few days out of the year, they are cost-saving options for your patio.
  • Electric Deck Heater: Electric patio heaters don’t require any piping, are easy to install and are easier on your wallet. They convert electricity into heat through a resistor and a ceramic coil. They are also environmentally friendly options for heating your living space. The downside of electric heaters is that they are unreliable during power cuts when heating is most needed in outdoor and indoor areas.

Picking a Size

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to outdoor heating. Different heaters come in different sizes and are made for larger or smaller spaces. Consider the size of your deck, how many people you’re planning on having on your patio simultaneously, and the best option for you. Portable deck heaters are usually smaller and good options for smaller spaces, but stationary heaters are more reliable and can even remain on your deck as decorative pieces.


Best Heater Options for Your Deck

The most crucial aspect to consider when purchasing your outdoor deck heater is the size of your wallet. Some expensive options out there might not be the best choices for your wallet, or you’re looking to make a long-term investment. You can also find smaller options that are cheaper but less reliable. Billy Deck & Patios LLC has compiled a list of the best patio heaters for any budget.

Mr. Heater MH9BX Portable Buddy Heater

This portable heater provides 225 sq ft of coverage for up to 5.4 hours. It’s equipped with safety shut-down systems for protection. Find this heater on their website.

Amazon Basics Standing Propane Heater

This budget-friendly propane heater by Amazon has a nine-foot radius heat coverage. It has an adjustable temperature gauge to heat your space to your liking. Find it on the Amazon website.

Hampton Bay Patio Heater

Similar to the Amazon Basics heater, this Hampton Bay brand appliance can cover up to 200 square feet, made out of stainless steel designed to last. Find it on the Home Depot website.

Electric Patio Heater by SereneLife

This column-like heater offers odorless, sun-like heating. It doesn’t use any gas; you only need an outlet and are ready to go. Find it on the SereneLife website

Fire Sense Natural Gas Heater

If you’re in the market for something more powerful and permanent, this natural gas heater by Fire Sense is the product for you. This heater uses natural gas, so you don’t need to worry about changing out a propane tank during your outdoor gathering. Find it on the Fire Sense website.


Keep Toasty During the Holidays

Investing in a heater is the smart choice if you’re looking to stay warm outdoors during the winter. You don’t have to sacrifice your outdoor time because of the weather; you can make your time outside even more enjoyable. The holidays are already here, so whether you buy a gas heater, a propane heater, or an electric heater, there are options for every outdoor living space!



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