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Tis the Season: 5 Holiday Deck Decor Ideas

We’ve all been there. Scrambling for last-minute ideas to decorate the outdoor area of your home can be stressful. We all want something unique that stands out at the same time. Most importantly, we want a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for everyone stopping by this holiday season. 

Keeping our decks and patios looking nice and cozy for the upcoming festivities is on our to-do lists. If you’re a proud deck owner, you’re probably already familiar with how to keep this classic outdoor addition looking brand new. However, if you’re having a hard time finding ideas for the impending cookouts, gatherings, and dinners, you’ve come to the right place. Billy Deck & Patios LLC has designed a list of potential holiday deck decor ideas to spruce up the appearance of your deck. 

We want to make sure your holidays are filled with memorable moments, moments you can cherish, moments you can capture on your phone cameras and keep as a reminder of how fruitful festivities can bring people together. 

Make Your Deck Stand Out

As a very versatile outdoor structure, there are endless possibilities for deck decorating. You can probably picture it now, your deck design ideas floating around in your head, what furniture to pick, what color scheme to use, and when to start making your vision come true. 


Hanging lights

Using ambient lighting is essential to brighten your space at night and make your outdoor furniture and decorations stand out. There are many lighting pieces to choose from, especially when the holidays start rolling in. You can always opt for a classic look and opt for classic miniature chain lights. 

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and like changing things up, these hanging outdoor pergola and deck yard lights by Sufeimas are a great choice. 

Deck Floor Lights

Even more creative lighting pieces, LED deck lights will make it easier to see at night and enjoy your deck when it’s dark out. They are solar-powered, eco-friendly, and waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about water damage before installing them. Deck lights should be an indisputable staple in your deck decorating ideas.

Solplex sells a pack of 16 on Amazon. 


Genuine poinsettias are an imported plant originating in Mexico and Central America. However, plastic and decorative poinsettias look beautiful hanging from your garlands and as decorative centerpieces in your outside space. Poinsettias are affordable and versatile when it comes to ideas for your living space. They come in different colors and sizes, providing you with a lot of creative liberty. 

Amazon has sets of red, gold, and silver poinsettias from Veryhome here



Garlands are a staple in holiday decor. Most ornamental holiday pieces are adorned with them; we see them as crowns on people’s doors and even as an addition to Christmas trees and decorations. As far as deck decor goes, Garlands are perfect for wrapping around and covering the fence of your deck and giving it a festive look. They’re easy on the eyes and easy on your wallet. 

Party Joy has a selection of different sizes and colors that you can get here


Portable Fire Pit

Fire pits that you can move around are incredibly advantageous. They’re versatile and look great as centerpieces for outdoor furniture and deck design. There’s nothing better than gathering around a fire during the cold winter months with your closest friends and family members. They’re easy to light and easy to put out. 

Colsen sells a tabletop, rubbing alcohol-based fire pit for this purpose. 


Step Up Your Decorating Game! 

When it comes to holiday decor, the possibilities are endless. Your deck decor ideas don’t have to fall flat compared to others this season. Using simple ideas and staples in holiday decor, your deck decor ideas can be ready for this season’s festivities. Your holiday pictures are bound to stand out with something as simple as garlands and the proper lighting to give new life and color to your outdoors. 

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